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The opportunity to receive the value of two, for the price, effort or quantity of one.
Person 1: "Hey bruz, throw this glass bottle at that noob over wouldn't."

Person 2: *under peer pressure* "I would too!"

*Person 2 throws bottle* *bottle bounces off the noob and smashes over a passing cyclist*

Person 1: "HAHAHA, you got a two-for!"

*Person 2 is nowhere in sight*


Person 1: "Well, I was with this girl, and all I can say, is she had a two-for." *suggestive wink*

*Person 2 backs away*
by flippy00 & HonsyB May 15, 2010
A two for one deal for alcoholic beverages (Most popular in Caribbean Destinations) With purchase of first drink, one can distribute a free second drink to a companion or retain said drink for further consumption.
Mike, attempting to ease the tention in the room, offered twofors for everyone at the bar that night.
by Dr. Wyly October 30, 2009
2 grams of marijuana for $30. two-for-thirty
hey, wanna' sell me a twofor? i'll smoke you out!
by alf December 19, 2003

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