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2 definitions by inwonderland

noun. to give someone twos on a cigarette is to smoke half of it then give them the rest to finish. More commonly done by boys as it is less considerate.

verb. to "twos" a cigarette is to smoke one together, taking a couple of drags then swapping. More commonly done by girls.
"I met this well safe tramp the other day; he gave me twos on a rollie"
"That's so dirty..."

"Don't worry babe; tell you what, lets have some wine and twos a fag outside"
by inwonderland April 28, 2006
128 30
Phrase used to describe something thoroughly masculine and slightly immature.
To describe an attractive, cheeky and perhaps naughty male. Usually wears hoodies and/or caps. Often does graffiti and/or mixes. Can't really be called a man yet even if he is nearly 20. (Used by my friend to describe my boyfriend.)
"Ugh, I couldn't hack last night, it was so boy."

"I don't know why I fancy him: he's just so...BOY!"
by Inwonderland April 24, 2006
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