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See you again after a major objective has been achieved.

This phrase may originate with the Apollo 8 mission, the first time in history humans had passed behind the other side of the moon from earth.
CapCom Gerry Carr spoke to the three astronauts more than 200,000 miles away, "Ten seconds to go. You are GO all the way." Command Module Pilot James Lovell replied, "We'll see you on the other side", and Apollo 8 disappeared behind the Moon, the first time in history men had been occulted. For 34 minutes there would be no way of knowing what happened.

#meet-up #see you on the flip side #later #good luck #good-bye
by RosiePaw August 12, 2013
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To meet up after an action or a mission is over.
As in "See you on the other side." spoken to Jason Bourne by Conklin in one of the Berlin flashbacks. Conklin says it to Bourne as Bourne is leaving the car to assassinate Neski and his wife.
#meet-up #see you on the flip side #later #good luck #good-bye
by thekorrigan April 04, 2011
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