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Aboriginal term meaning "brother"
"Oi bruz, got two dollars?"
by Cauch August 02, 2005
A term of endearment between two males used like “Man” or “Dude”. Combination of two slang words “Bro” (brother/sibling) and “Cuz” (cousin/relative); Bro+Cuz= “Bruz”.

Inspired by the Serbian slang word (pronoun) for brother/friend word “Burazer” or “Buraz” with an anglicized twist.
What's up Bruz?

You're looking good bruz, haven't seen you in a while.

That ride looks sick Bruz!
by slj2000 January 19, 2012
Plural of brother, bro, or bru. Brothers improperly enunciated.
"The Bruz are having a picnic the first weekend in August."
by JQ7 June 26, 2016
the word ending a sentence in which an aboriginal asks one for a cigarette or a sip of one's beer.
I was walking down the street at night when an Abo came out of the dark and asked "You got a smoke for me bruz?"
by dmb0011 February 13, 2008
mixture between the words bra and cuz.

thought of by jamie and dan.
yoo bruz you wanna come over my house we can have a gnarly shin-ding.
by Dan da man cuzzzzz bruzzzzz April 07, 2007
Bruz, a word used that is used widely by the indigenous Australians, but this word is used alot by white men/boys with low intelligence and vocabulary.

Uses: greeting

Replacement world for "brother or cousin"
Male 1: oi, bruz!

Male 2: bruz! You got a durrie?
Male 1: na bruz got none aye bruz

Male 2: bruz! All good
by Aussie Lingo April 14, 2016
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