A rope-like candy that is rainbow colored and sweet
Aww dude, i gotta go buy some twizzles!
I crave twizzles.
by ncm100 March 03, 2005
To waste away time in irrelevant, redundant and unneccessary ways.

Evolving from the original, drug-related definition.
Dude, you've twizzled away two hours on Facebook, its time for you to pull your head out your ass and do some WORK!
by Scooter Boy January 28, 2009
To peel with just your hands.
Check it out, I twizzled the whole orange peel in one piece.
by Zak09 April 06, 2009
A sack of marijuana costing 20 dollars.
"Hey, man what about a twizzle?"
by missthang2427 July 22, 2005
tight in an enhanced way (more than usual)
those new Jordans are twizzle
by bigg will March 20, 2004
1. the act of making passionate sweet monkey love
2. to cuase extreme bodily harm to another person
"I twizzle that fly ass jive turkey last night and she howled like a bitch ass hoe"
"I twizzled the mo-fo when he tryed to hold a 45 to my head and wanted some green
by the big jo to the izzle July 22, 2003
1. A Starbucks sweet consisting of 3 chocolate-coated marshmallows on the end of a stick.

2. A piece of poo suspended on the end of a stick, resembling said delicacy.
When I was a wee boy I remember other kids picking up twizzles for bravado.
by DaveTwoCombs October 16, 2007

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