1. A Starbucks sweet consisting of 3 chocolate-coated marshmallows on the end of a stick.

2. A piece of poo suspended on the end of a stick, resembling said delicacy.
When I was a wee boy I remember other kids picking up twizzles for bravado.
by DaveTwoCombs October 16, 2007
referring to one half of an evil twin duo
Wheres be da damn twizzles at?
by tkilla February 16, 2005
A female between the ages of 16 and 30(preferably hot) willing to perform multiple sexual favors, for you and your friends.
"hey J, call some twizzles over tonight man!"
by jaywaawaa January 05, 2006
a word commonly used when referring to dirty old lecherous freaks who hang around on internet forums making lame-arse comments that carry with them mundane and boring sexual connotations. this person is more often than not a total fucking spanner in reality and in cyber-space. if you come across one just abuse it until it fucks off
that dickhead is such a fucking twizzle

fuck off twizzle

get out of my thread you losery twizzle
by the anti-twizzle October 11, 2004
virgin nappy snatch
Damn fool, you ate too much twizzle.
by clifton April 13, 2003

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