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The female teabag. When a woman grinds her sex on someone's nose in a circular fashion, usually while asleep or unconscious.
"Twizzling is when a girls grinds her cunt on your nose," said Johnny." But never let a girl do it beacause you won't be able to smell for days."
by Squeege10 July 10, 2008
The wrapping of two boners into a a twizzler like single boner worth sucking by a third party.
They were twizzling so hard, I couldn't help but suck on it!
by Super Mister Candy Boners, sgt November 25, 2010
The act of inserting a twizzler into a girl's vagina and then eating it out.
Me and my girl were twizzling so much last night I think I got a cavity.
by Grand Master Goatee Jr. July 10, 2008

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