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Confused or unable to decide.
Was used in the Artisoft LANtastic networking software to indicate the network was unable to decide which network adapter to use.
From the LANtastic Networking software: "Net BIOS is twizzled"
by maniakaz December 05, 2011
The state of being tipsy but not yet completely wasted
Lashondra was twizzled before she arrived at the party because she pre-gamed before
by Camishqua December 02, 2004
(Noun) 1. When a penis, or dick, curves to the right or left as a result of excessive masturbation with one hand.
Andy has a Twizzle D from jerkin it too much with his right hand. He needs to straighten that shit out and get a girlfriend.
by scass May 17, 2010
A sex act where a twizzler is fully inserted into the vagina and then slowly eaten out by a partner.
I twizzled Patty last night and her vagina got all more than usual
by tomcatter July 03, 2011

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