A pervert, a sick individual, or possibly just someone who enjoys a lot of porn.
Sketchy: He said he doesn't want to screw up his karma by delivering any more porno to the twist at 46th and Euclid.
by StealthyMuse April 28, 2009
To kill someone violently with a gun, a knife or a really bad beating.
"Yo, I just twisted that kid that was talking shit last week"
by Stimuli February 12, 2006
To sound or look displeasing. To be awkward or deformed.
I can't get into this DJ, his beats are twist.
The girl is twist, but she has a nice personality.
by etfd November 15, 2005
Noun. Something some one enjoys. A hobby or recreational activity
"Yo son when Steve gets of work, he likes to get blazed and play with his slot cars."

"Well that’s his twist, I cant hate"
by Ken215 June 25, 2006
a girlfriend.
Hey, how bout us and our twists go party and drink some bub.
by zach June 17, 2003
To be left in a lurch; abandoned.
Comes from the idea of someone's body spinning around after being hung.
You were just going to leave me with a car full of stolen goods and let me twist, is that it?
by ifihadlegs January 11, 2006
verb. state something naughty about someone, which will inevitably turn him or her disgusted or messed up messed. Even if he or she is there. Especially when your target is there!
You got twisted so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

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