an adjective used to describe a person with unlikeable features. Ugly
"Bitch, you're super twist!"

The girl that you hooked me up with is twist.

by nuthinbutbuttababi June 24, 2007
To purchase a round of drinks
"It's your twist in the next pub"
by LewisUK1983 June 30, 2006
The act of manipulating the clitoris between the thumb and forefinger to induce orgasm
Last night I twisted my pussy very well
by RockMink November 10, 2004
To feel poorly or coming down, generally after drinking.
I feel a bit twist after that four pint lunch
by Jedi Master September 01, 2004
Street slang for marijuana
"Hey, can you find me some twist?"
by ~justusloonz~ January 24, 2003
ok all you guys are wrong ! a twist is the corner of a sandwhich bag filled with cocaine and tied off with fising wire dental floss or any type of string
yo hook me up with 2 twists man.
by Smokey Mcpots October 06, 2006
To fart, let one loose, shart
hey thats a good twist!
by robert November 16, 2004

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