to screw
"I just twisted that girl out"
by toastmaster February 14, 2004
A style that is almost like a subtle scene and dark preppy.
Light makeup, lots of rings, laid back/ comfortable clothes, a lot of stripes, quirky and sometimes mismatching, some forms of twist are more 80's based (off the shoulder shirt, leg warmers etc.) but thats optional.
Hair: messy buns, pigtails, sometimes crimped, highlights, bows and clips

academic, Deep, not emo but still a love of dark humor, very very sensitive to laughing (to a fault), writing!!! reading!!!*2
humble unlike some scene people who go around like "oh yea look at me I'm scene!" (not all scenes are like that though).
p1: I think my style is more preppy, what about you?
p2: i guess I'm sorta twist, don't you think?
by ˚IzziFizz˚ November 23, 2010
live, wild, exciting
the club is going to do the twist tonight

this party is doing the twist right now
by JG20 January 13, 2008
To increase niceness by adding some flavor~
Blunts, Js, Cocktails, Dance move
Twist an L up right quick

Twist that drink into a stiffy

Do the twist-Bust a move
by Wu-Trizzy March 25, 2008
a cigarette rolling paper
yo lets smoke a joint, you got a twist?
by johnny lavah February 21, 2005
named after the chocolate vanilla ice cream.
When a man finishes anal w/his partner and pulls out his shaft covered in shit and cum, he promptly sticks it her mouth... hence the chocolate vanilla twist.
yo bro she totally let me stick it in her ass but when i pulled out it was covered in shit... so i gave her the twist
by twistmaster84 January 11, 2011
In the UK, a twist can also be a con.
You twisted me out of a tenner!
by Ian Chode June 19, 2003

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