Inserting two fingers (usually the fore-and middle finger, but its really up to you)into an orafice of your choice and rapidly flicking them back and forth for stimulation.
Would you like a little twinkle?
by nine February 18, 2004
The act of two people urinating on the face of a third person. Usually two men on a female.
Me and Jay twinkled her last week.
by verbum September 24, 2008
The act of cleaning ones gold/silver/platinum/diamond teeth in order to make them shine properly.
Juvenile's song "HA"
"You twinkle your golds every time you leave your house, ha?"
by Marauder_on_22s January 17, 2006
The substance shot from a penis more often referring to a cumshot which lands in a persons eye. cum semen jiz
Damn I fucked Sharron yesterday then just before I busted I pulled out and put a twinkle in her eye.
by Kendall March 07, 2005
a very smelly, stinky kuwaiti girl who has the worst BO in the world. In fact, it is so bad that it is impossible to stand near her and breathe. Anything she is near to carries the smell of her radioactive funk.
Twinkle sat on my pillow and it stanked.
by Kaz April 03, 2005
to eat beef
Fuck fuck fuck twinkle.
by Michael and Joelle April 05, 2003
A close friend, even your best friend, who may light up your life and make your eyes twinkle. Origination from the movie 21 & Over directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore when the two protagonists were playing beer pong.
"Ashley, you're my twinkle"
"OMG your contact name in my phone is 'Twinkle'!"
by alphaparticle March 27, 2015

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