To urinate while tweeting on twitter.
Tweet + Tinkle(urinate) = Twinkle
I twinkled while in the rest room.
by MTMCGARRY December 25, 2009
A hip hop term for facing away from your audience, and pretending like your making out with yourself. Also emphasizing your lady/man parts with your hands.
turn to the audience and open your twinkle...
by Kp-Wizzle. July 25, 2010
A gaggle of twinks. Two or more youngish queeny gay men falluting about.
I had the hottest fourway with that twinkle from the bar last night, but now my crotch is kind of itchy.
by johnjunior September 29, 2008
a crack head
a person thats going bad
a person that walks around talking to him/her self and twitching
one who looks homeless and talks to ones self
or another word for shamingshadey

Man that bitch over there stay twinkling.
See that finky over there... Man that's what you call twinkles
by Ra'Shawn April 30, 2007
A "Twilight goth"
Referring to the fact that Twilight vampires (Edward) sparkle or twinkle in the sunlight.
by Dr Calgori January 03, 2012
nice auto stereo system
"twinkle shine"
by noixz January 15, 2009
Inserting two fingers (usually the fore-and middle finger, but its really up to you)into an orafice of your choice and rapidly flicking them back and forth for stimulation.
Would you like a little twinkle?
by nine February 18, 2004

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