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4 definitions by muahlamb4

The cross between a twitch and an itch usually causing some mild discomfort or pain. Most reported "twinges" are temporary, and occur mainly in the left hemisphere of the human body.
"This twinge behind my ear is driving me crazy! It usually goes away in a day or two though."
by muahlamb4 July 29, 2009
When a man grabs his nut-sack, squeezes it from the base of his body, seperating the scrotum with a fist. The balls are in a "streched sack" state, which looks like the brains of a baby. Ball-hair accentuates this optical illution.
Hey look eveyone, baby's brains!!
by muahlamb4 July 31, 2009
1. A dish made up of crap and apple which is bitter-sweet.
2. The active non-exercise of said values.
Yesterday my company gave me a crapple sandwich with a side of "good job" and my final paycheck!
by muahlamb4 July 30, 2009
1. The precieved sound of a kiss being bestowed upon a loved one.

2. An evil, scarry movie-like, menacing laugh.

3. A common base of an affectionate acronym.
1. See ya later baby! Muah!!

2. The vilan gained control of the world and proclaimed: " I've done it you morons! MUUAHHHH!!"

3a. Me U And Happiness!
3b. Massage Under A Helecopter?
3c. Many Unexpected Awards Honey!
by muahlamb4 July 29, 2009