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a word used when playing soccer or football. means to skill up and humiliate opposing players.
Ronaldinho twined up the whole team
by anonymoses April 02, 2006
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a twine-seeking missile.
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A peice of string which is often used to tie small packages, or to be used for other purposes such really cool things.
I tied a peice of twine around my kebab so if i were to drop the food source then it could be easily retrived.
by Smavie April 05, 2004
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to complain, moan and whinge about something
'stop your twining you miserable git'
by vicci neill June 26, 2005
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Twine another word for some really good schawg!!!
"aye say mane u got dat twine"??
by J.U from tha 02 (512 J.J.R) November 12, 2009
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a simple mix between twelve and nine. the current jibrish civilizations seem to have taken a liking to it, and it has become increasingly popular.

most commonly used as an answer if you presently do not know the correct answer.
*in test*

"hey dude, what's the square route of 435?"


"hey honey, where have you been all this time?"

by tyuiop April 26, 2008
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To constantly complain or whine about your pitiful life on twitter which is really not anyone's business. Formed by combining the words "Tweet" and "Whine".
KC: Why are you not on twitter mate.

Ben: Because ninety percent of the tweets i see are just useless twines.

Larry: The world would sure be a better place of people twined less and tweeted more.
by I_amRidoqulous December 21, 2012
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