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5 definitions by anonymoses

a word used when playing soccer or football. means to skill up and humiliate opposing players.
Ronaldinho twined up the whole team
by anonymoses April 02, 2006
29 12
1. To hang around / stay / chill somewhere or with someone.

2. When a place is nice to stay.
1. I'm koching with my boys.

2. This place is a koch.
by anonymoses April 02, 2006
83 77
means something or someone is improving. somethings getting big. movin forwards & upwards.
yer blad im moving.
we're makin movements cuz
by anonymoses April 02, 2006
51 48
to leave or go way from something or somewhere.
see ya later, i gotta kick.
by anonymoses April 02, 2006
5 8
By: redroses4bluelady on 9/9/2003 8:40:49 PM

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I still haev respect for lambgoat.com, even though everybody on there are ghey.
by Anonymoses September 18, 2003
13 25