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Here goes...

A book series written Stephanie Meyer about a girl, Isabelle Swan, known as Bella, who decides to live with her father in Forks, Washington. There, she meets and eventually falls in love with the elusive and attractive Edward Cullen. Problem? Edward is a vampire who can barely withstand the scent of Bella's blood. Despite this, they begin a turbulent relationship leading into a chase for Bella's life against rival vampire James.

This book has become increasingly popular, especially with teenage girls or fangirls, and has been compared to Harry Potter in popularity and fan base. This series has spawned 3 sequels, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, respectively, as well as a movie, Twilight, along with its upcomign sequel, New Moon. Twilight t-shirts and other paraphernalia can be found almost everywhere, especially in Hot Topic, and is considered to be a better seller than many of the store's other products.

However, though there are many positive things to say about Twilight, there is also a downside. Many have criticized the style of writing in the series, more specifically, the details. Bella's VERY detailed descriptions of people (by People I mean Edward) can cause an annoyance to some readers (Ex: "Ok, you think he's hot. Move the fuck on!").

Secondly, the stereotypical (though not always accurate, bear with me here) Twilight fangirl is a girl ranging from 12-17 years of age who would be, when it comes to physical appearance, unnatractive. Because some of these girls know that they will not attract the attention of human male until later in life, Edward Cullen will have to do.

Fangirls will usually be seen with something pertaining to the series, whether it is one of the books itself, one of the Twilight tees from Hot Topic (see above), or other similar things of that nature. They will also post fanfics on FanFiction.net on how they would see this story or look up all things Twilight/Stephanie Meyer/Edward Cullen (or whomever the like best)on Google for hours.

Emotionally, Twilight fangirls can tend to have a holier (or in this case, Twilightier)-than-thou aura (think like certain scene girls). Fangirls will usually get into a long rant when one of the following occurs (but not limited to):

1. Someone has read only Twilight, and has no interest in reading the others for one reason or another (fanngirls might try to push you to read all of the others

2. Someone does not find Edward Cullen attractive (the girls who fit this category usually have a significant other, but the one way to piss a fangirl off is to say that you think Jacob Black (or even James) is hotter than Edward)

3. Someone who prefers seeing the movie, rather than read the book (fangirls will try to make you read the book first)

4. Someone who is simply uninterested in the series (fangirls WILL push you, if you're not interested, simply say so)

5. Someone who believes that Edward Cullen gives unrealistic expectations for men (that all men have to have sparkly skin, be poetic, heroic, etc.) and that the relationship between Edward and Bella is either unrealistic, soap-opera-esque, or simply cheesy. (We'll get to that later)

6. Someone thinks the movie was better than the book (Most fangirls believe that the movie was either as expected or god-awful)
However, there will be fangirls in relationships or pursuing someone. They will usually compare their relationship/crush to Edward and Bella's relationship, saying that they and their crush/boyfriend were "meant to be," despite that the crushes might want nothing to do with the fangirl.

But don't think that all of this only applies to girls. Boys, though very few, DO read Twilight for entertainment.

In conclusion, Twilight is a pop culture fixture that everyone will remember and either love, hate, love to hate, or hate to love.
cullengrl108 (Caroline, fangirl): Hey Chels! I'm going to the book signing for the new Twilight novel!!! OMFG I CANT WAIT!!!

denimanddiamonds (Chelsea, normal girl): LOL i know how much you love Twilight, but i can't go. ive got a date with ross tonight. were going to go see the new blockbuster.

cullengrl108: WHATTT???? U CANT B SERIOUS!! i know ross is hot an all but EDWARD is HOTTER!!!!!!

denimanddiamonds: i do find him attractive, but car, when are you going 2 see that there are real life edward cullens in front of you, like tom.

cullengrl108: tom and i arent meant 2 b like edward and bella r. u know that

denimanddiamonds (in a sarcastic tone): whatever you say, car, whatever you say
by twilight guru January 24, 2009
A series about vampires that is guarenteed to make you 25% dumber each time you read it.
Twilight raped my brain.
by bagbird January 09, 2009
See shit
Oh that book twilight is shit.
by Chippppp April 09, 2009
Everyone seems to refer to Twilight (the people who hate it, that is) as a stupid book for teenie-boppers that makes 13 year old girls brainwashed.
And people say 13 year olds have absolutely no idea whats wrong with Twilight and that they're all stupid and don't know good literature and that the "teenie-boppers" are blind to Bella's Mary-Sueness.
Thats partially true.
1) Fuck you. I'm 13.
2) Bella is a nagging, whiny, Mary Sue who says corny things and needs to stfu already about banging Edward. All she wants is to get some. In Breaking Dawn she DID get some, and got knocked up.
Then she gave birth to the mutant, showoffy, "look at me, I'm one month old and I can speak in proper sentences!" Nessie that Jacob unfortunately has to be the soulmate of.
Edward is boring and wears khaki pants and thinks he can get away with it.
It has no morals or actual point.
The AMAZINGG ending of the AMAZING story?:
Bella becomes a vampire soccermom, Edward finally got laid, Rosalie almost killed Bella with a scalpel (too bad she didnt) and there was absolutely NO AWESOME WAR,
Seriously. I wanted a fucking war. I wanted the Volturi's limbs to be flying everywhere as the Cullens get torn apart in a tangle of Werewolves and sparkly people.
But no. Breaking Dawn was wedding, knocked up, Nessie, the end.
Also, Stephenie Meyer spoils Bella with dresses, amazing weddings, fancy food and pretty much give Stephenie Meyer whatever she wants.
I'd write more but I need to go.
Dont give me a thumbsdown, you know its true, fangirls.
STFU about this "13 year old teenie bopper"s hit.
I'm 13 and I'm not a fucking fangirl.
Twilight is amazing, somehow. I'll never let go of it. Even though I now opened my eyes to its TOTAL SUCKAGE.
Well, with Bella and Edward atleast.
The Volturi are pretty flyyyy.
by myspace.com/missmurder046 September 22, 2008
A badly written book by Stephenie Meyer about a sparkling "vampire" *coughfairycough* named Gary-SueCullen who falls in love with a human, Mary-Sue Swan.

Gary-Sue is an abusive, 100 year old virgin stuck in the body of a 17 year old. Mary-Sue is a complete idiot who can't think or do things for herself. Gary-Sue loves Mary-Sue ONLY because of the way she smells. (Time of the mont, amirite?) Mary-Sue only loves Gary-Sue because he's "hot", cold to the touch and his skin is as hard as stone. (Statue fetish, anyone?)

Mary-Sue also falls in love with Pedo Bear the werewolf.

Gary-Sue promises he'll never leave Mary-Sue and that he'll always love her. Then he dumps her and Mary-sue flings herself off a cliff because she's so emo and can't live without her sparklepire boyfriend.

Later on Gary-Sue fucks Mary-Sue so hard it hurts her and gets Mary-Sue pregnant and rips the baby out of Mary-Sue's stomach with his teeth.

Because Pedo Bear could not score with Mary-Sue, he imprints on the infant vampire mutant... demon... thing, making her his future wife. In 7 or so years the baby has the body of an 18 year old and Pedo Bear is happy.
Twitard: Like, OMG! Twilight is so deep and well thought out and the plot is UHMAZING!! It's an UUUUHHHHHMAAAAZZZZIIINNNGGG BUUUUUUKKK!!!!!!!

Normal person: No, Twilight does not have a plot, the writing sucks and it's nothing more than a 35 year old's wet dream of underage fairies.

by The lol Bandit May 10, 2009
a book which is full of cliches written by Stephanie Meyer. It follows the story of Bella Swan, a stereotypical unpopular girl who cant do anything right and Edward Cullen, the unrealistically good looking vampire who inexplicably falls in love with her. Not only is this book one huge cliche in itself, but it makes every crazed teenage girl delusional about the way guys are supposed to look and act. While these are all annoying and make the book less appealing, Twilight is a disgrace to every work that has included vampires in the past. The vampires in this piece of crap book lack the qualities that make a vampire a vampire. They have almost no weaknesses (except apparently for clumsy, unpopular girls). Holy water, crosses, garlic, stakes , even the sun have no negative effect on vampires (save for the fact that the sun makes their skin sparkle like they're wearing body glitter). Also, vampires are not supposed to have reflections, show up on film, or anything to that effect, but the Twilight vampires have no problem doing so. finally, THEY HAVE NO FANGS. Screw the vampires in Twilight and screw the garbage, cliched storyline behind it.

normal person: Why don't you find a book with an original storyline to read, or at least one that does justice to vampires?
by Gossamer August 04, 2008
Twilight is a novel and four book series that claims to be a "saga" for false advertisement. Twilight has no actual plot, it strays from its own cannon that it creates, the main characters are cliché and lack developing personalities, and it is void of any spiritual and intellectual value. It lacks in the 7 literary standards of literature and is thus bad literature. Twilight is basically a cash cow, not uncommon in early 21st century mass media. It is Mormon propaganda that slips in sexist standards of men and women , abstinence only views, and false ideals of love into the underdeveloped minds of adolescent girls. It is the incarnation of Stephanie Meyer's ultimate sexual fantasy.

Twilight is told in the point of view of a "boring" "ordinary" clumsy teenage girl named Bella Swan who moves to Forks. Bella is evidently a bitchy, selfish, shallow self insertion Mary Sue. She has no actual personality flaws and her clumsiness is ostensibly a Moe weakness.

For reasons unexplained to the readers, everyone at her new school likes her on her first day at school and five guys fall in love with her, including Edward Cullen. Edward is a "vegetarian vampire" and sparkles in the sun light. He is perfectly beautiful, has no weaknesses, and is an immortal century old virgin with the appearance of a 17 year old. He is a Gary Stu. Bella and Edward fall in love with each other for reasons unexplained to the readers. Bella apparently loves Edward because she is obsessed with his perfect good looks and Edward apparently loves Bella because she smells good. Thus their entire relationship is based on obsessive sexual attraction. In fact, the whole world of Twilight revolves around their relationship.

Edward is over an abusive controlling stalker that watches Bella in her sleep. Bella excuses Edward actions as being “over protective”. Bella is utterly dependent on Edward, so much that she goes into a chronically depressed and suicidal state when he dumps her.
"Bella got a 90 on the Mary Sue Litmus test. Edward got a 124. Twilight belongs in fanfiction.net."

"Twilight raped vampire lore."

"Twilight is for lonely fat girls who shop at Hot Topic and illiterate rabid fangirls who will pluck your eyes out if you don't agree that Twilight is better than Shakespeare."

"Twilight is shit."
by Teufel Luke December 31, 2008
the epitome of stupidity.
holy crap. girls. you are not bella. edward cullen never existed..he never will. you are not a vampire. so get the fuck over it. twilight. lameness.
by megimoo December 03, 2008

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