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Twilight is a young/adult vampire romance novel by Stephenie Meyer and a movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke
A twilight is also a emo biatch.

All bitches are going crazy over the twilight books and movie and shit.
But twilight is such a bunch of whiny emo biatches, what ever happen to badasses vampires? now all they do is complain about their feelings. And what about vampires don’t fry in sunlight anymore! So instead of frying in direct sunlight, they sparkles unnaturally like small sad diamonds, shit! Thank goth that robert is a pretty shining disco bowl or else i had left the cinema on a drop of a hat. Yea i haven't read the books, but fuck those damn books! Stop readig that shit. Use your own fucking mind and make up a better story. I fuck the teenage romance between a 100-year old pathetic vampire ass and a 17-year old frikkin emo kid.
ESTER: "You are a emothic twilight "
MARIA: "shait!"
by †reptilicus† February 18, 2009
A unholy candle is a dope person who uses all her time watching sleazy slashers and satanic pictures online. A unholy candle is also known as one of the most extremely stalkers, sending mix-tapes with her own breath repeating over and over again to the persons she likes and she always have her victims hair in her pocket.
A unholy candle usually only have one freind, a side kick -that are just like her. The unholy candles want to be forever 12 years old. When the unholy candles are together they wasting most of ther time running around town, watch movies, stalking on the net or talking about LiLo.
MARIA: "A hippie just told me that i was waste of skin, i hate the stupid creative colorheads, i got a bit sad you know!!!"
ESTER: "I know!!! a guy called Cookie ones told me that i was a gore goat."
MARIA: "whaaaat serioulsy, what tha' hack."
ESTER: "you are sooo dope, you are a unholy candle full of satanic blood."
MARIA: "Wanna watch Mean Girls Lilo is so Fetch? btw i have a mix-tape for you."
by †reptilicus† January 28, 2009
Don't Do Drugs.
ESTER: Last summer i made one big STUPIDDDD MISTAKE, i frikkin' smoked the blunt. I became a shouting gore head 2pac finder, winnie the pooh hyper shithead that stoled the honey. The days after the stupid drugs got 2 my cheeseburger and fries brain, i became a bad friend. I was one big stupid ass melting in the sun downer. So DDD.
by †reptilicus† June 16, 2010
Stay To Finger Fucking.

Don't get pregnant.
ESTER: Listen scumbag! Stop smoke the big dripping hand roll fake cigarettes, don't do drugs ya' know.

DUDE: Ehh what?

ESTER: Your mother should S2FF!

ESTER: Btw. I Do, i got a fat finger baby.
by †reptilicus† June 16, 2010

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