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emo and gothic combined
dude they r emothic ppl
by indie (indigo) July 21, 2005
The mixture of an Emo and Gothic person.
Has the look of both.
Emily Miller - Lower lip pierced (emo), has pal skin as if she was hit with baby powder , antiqued (gothic), wears long baggy pants ..aka parachute pants that have long chains that dangle on the sides comes in a variety of colors… she chose black ( emo/gothic) , she wears black hair with a blue line that goes down the middle if it was white she would look like a skunk, skate shoes with lime green shoelaces this explains a emothic to the best of my ability
by MATT HAGER 1987 January 10, 2009
~adj. -The combination of emo and gothic.

~verb -The act of being emo and gothic.

~noun -One who is emo and gothic. One who listens to punk, rock, or metal, and writes crappy poems.
agj. -Dude, look at that chick. She looks
so alone and dark... how emothic.

verb -I'm gonna go be emothic. Wanna come

noun -I got a date with an emothic.
by Blaq Jak November 01, 2008
The bastard child of emo and gothic...This is one unholy 'subculture' that should be immediately aborted.
OMG look at me! I write bad poetry and cut myself! I'm so emothic! <3 <3
by RaptorineDream March 12, 2006
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