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rolling on the floor laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and i drop my taco
I was so sad today. I ROFLSHMSFOAIDMT'd.
by awesomeselflover September 17, 2010
A horribly written, overly obsessed, stupid book that ruined vampires. Vampires should be badass people-eaters, not sparkly faggots. The only reason it's popular is because tweens discovered it and thought that's the way love is supposed to be, when it's the definition of pedophiles and stalkers. SM created this SERIES (not saga; the word saga makes it all the more horrible) because she is a fat bitch with no life and needed something to fulfill her fantasies.
holy shit get a life
by awesomeselflover July 28, 2010
the sound you make when you sneeze
did you hear that guy sneeze? that was a loud snoozebungle!


i don't like my snoozebungle, it's too obnoxious.
by awesomeselflover May 10, 2010
when it seems you have a cold, but then you change the position of your body and it goes away
I was sitting down and my nose was stuffed up. I stood up to grab a tissue and it went away. I hate angle colds.
by awesomeselflover September 13, 2010
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