Probably one of the most popular books to hit the shelf in 2006, following through with 2007 sequals. Many girls of their early teen years have absolutely fallen in love with this book, and it's caused a rabid swarm of binders and notebooks sporting the words 'I love Edward Cullen.' I blame the books on a higher rate of girls believing themselves to be dark and alone, and this book has caused quite a few of the people I know to believe they are vampires.

Despite the length of the books, I find it to be a fairly poor piece of literature. I have read the first two, and the two main characters completely lack origionality. Bella is nothing but a sniveling girl who takes advantage of some people, and then grovels at the feet of others. Edward is obviously a vampire thirsty for, ironically, Bella's blood, and at the same time he is abstinant from drinking from humans. In all sense Edward should draw himself away from such a 'dangerous'individual-- that or eat her. Many people fail to notice that the characters circulating around the main pair, such as Alice, Jasper, Jacob, and the rest of the crew are a lot more interesting, and less involved in cliche lives to match those of the main characters.

In any case. It's an entertaining book to read when you have nothing else to do, but there are many better books to read.
Twilight fanatic: I'm an Edwardist. I love Edward. Are you?
Me: No, personally I'm more partial to Jasper.
Twilight fanatic: Well I love Bella too. They're so great together!
Me: Actually, I think Alice is a much better character in the series. The relationship that she has with Jasper is cuter, more secretive, and I find a whole lot more interesting to read about.
Twilight fan: ...Yeah... well -denial-
by Rilyne August 15, 2007
The first in a series of four books that are written horribly, are extremley repetitive in terms of adjectives and contains vampires that sparkle in the sun. About 45% of the pages in all 4 books combined are spent describing Edward Cullens 'cold, hard skin' and his "smoldering eyes". oh, and how his 'cold hard skin' *sparkles* in the sunlight. Did i mention its also extremley repetitive?

The main character is Bella Swan who is a stupid whore who depends totally on her trophy boyfriend to protect her from other vampires who want to do everyone a favour and kill her. (which is a shame they dont because shes so annoying)
Random Person: I read the first chapter of Twilight and lost approximatley 20% of my brain cells. The effects were especially noticable in todays math class
by SOME RETARD March 23, 2009
A plot used by the book companies to assassinate the new president.
Phase 1: The book companies hire a author to write a book that will give fat chicks hope that a vampire will stumble upon them and fall in love with them. It makes since seeing as how, with a few exceptions, fat chicks are reading the books.
Phase 2: They make a movie, the fat chicks go to the movie and spend an assload on snacks.
Phase 3:The movie theaters send the snack money back to the Book companies who then hire a gunman.
Phase 4: Dead president...while its still unclear as to why there doing this it is a threat we must all face.
Fat Chick: I'm going to buy twilight.
Guy: Are you trying to get our president shot?
by Alix McQ November 29, 2008
Brainwashing at it's finest.

Worst book in existence, not worth your time.

Girl #2: No he's not. He's just a word.
Normal person: Dude, turn off the capslock.
by Zeriyan January 26, 2009
I would probably find it difficult to go on without this book. Not because I'm in love with Mr. Topaz Eyes Sparklepants either. I personally think he has to be the flattest, dullest character ever written in as wish fulfillment for a lonely and delusional woman who apparently never got over her teenage emo phase. Twilight helps me go on, simply, because on some days, fantasizing about brutally killing every diehard Twilight fan that ever lived is my only reason for living. Just kidding. But I will bitch-slap one of them someday. Seriously. Watch me.
OTF (Obsessive Twilight Fan): OMG I can't believe how amazing Eclipse was! Oh but poor Bella who will she choose? I hope she chooses Jake! Because then Edward will be ALL MINE! OMG I love vampires!
Me: *slaps

Seriously. You all are pathetic. If there were such a thing as real vampires, I would love for you to run into one, just so you could see how pitifully wrong your sparkly gorgeous misconceptions are.
by Umyeahjuststopthatnow December 20, 2008
A series of books about a prepubescent teenager's rock hard abs.

"Twilight is for women and homosexuals."
by Not Good February 12, 2009
"My Life Is Twilight" is a site where over obsessed people come to be normal. But truth is, you are not normal. And who would make out with their dog anyways?
"My Life Is Twilight is the most stupid site ever. I'd rather visit My Life Is Average because I like Harry Potter wayyyyy better."
by lubylol April 10, 2010
A piece of shit, Nuff' said.
"Hey I just took a huge Twilight and forgot to wipe my Colon ( Culle ).
by /Squeeks13 May 16, 2009

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