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A book that raises the bars of women and gets men laid less.
"My girlfriend said she wouldn't blow me unless I acted more like Edward from Twilight."
by Nicky M. January 06, 2009
219 80
Twilight is a young/adult vampire romance novel by Stephenie Meyer and a movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke
A twilight is also a emo biatch.

All bitches are going crazy over the twilight books and movie and shit.
But twilight is such a bunch of whiny emo biatches, what ever happen to badasses vampires? now all they do is complain about their feelings. And what about vampires don’t fry in sunlight anymore! So instead of frying in direct sunlight, they sparkles unnaturally like small sad diamonds, shit! Thank goth that robert is a pretty shining disco bowl or else i had left the cinema on a drop of a hat. Yea i haven't read the books, but fuck those damn books! Stop readig that shit. Use your own fucking mind and make up a better story. I fuck the teenage romance between a 100-year old pathetic vampire ass and a 17-year old frikkin emo kid.
ESTER: "You are a emothic twilight "
MARIA: "shait!"
by †reptilicus† February 18, 2009
160 37
A series of books about a prepubescent teenager's rock hard abs.

"Twilight is for women and homosexuals."
by Not Good February 12, 2009
312 189
A piece of shit, Nuff' said.
"Hey I just took a huge Twilight and forgot to wipe my Colon ( Culle ).
by /Squeeks13 May 16, 2009
156 34
"My Life Is Twilight" is a site where over obsessed people come to be normal. But truth is, you are not normal. And who would make out with their dog anyways?
"My Life Is Twilight is the most stupid site ever. I'd rather visit My Life Is Average because I like Harry Potter wayyyyy better."
by lubylol April 10, 2010
159 39
A beautiful song by Elliott Smith. Probably one of my favourites. The way he sings it (in barely a whisper) you get this eerie feeling like it IS twilight, and you're in the woods alone somewhere. Simple, but infinitely beautiful.
Because your candle burns too bright
Well, I almost forgot it was twilight
Even if I think that you are right
Well, I'm tired of being down, I got no fight

You're wonderful, when it's beautiful
But I'm already somebody's baby
And if I went with you I'd disappoint you too
Well, I'm already somebody's baby
Already somebody's baby
by lexieeeee June 26, 2007
335 218
A book written by Stephane Meyer that features a girl named Bella Swann and a 108 year old vampire named Edward. Being the new girl in high school, she completely falls in love with him, and being a vampire, he has to resist drinking her blood because she smells so damn good. At first he warns Bella about his dangerousness, but then succumbs to his love for her and he and his vampire family protects her from these tracker vampires who want to kill her.

Well, isn't that the most retarded piece of shit I've read. I honestly can't believe people consider this good literature. The author describes Edward more times than you can talk words in a minute and the saddest thing about it that it is a best seller. Twilight is not deep, its not philosophical and it sure as hell not fucking romanace with its 2-dimensional, half assed crap. This being compared to Harry Potter is incredible, since JK Rowling actually put CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and PLOT in the fucking story. The author contridicts her own canon to fit Bella. It saddens me how Americans think this is so good.

Too many people take it seriously because its so dark and amazing. The characters are shit with the exception of Jasper and Alice, the only two interesting characters in there who are completely overshadowed by Edward and Bella's romance.

Oh and by the way, vampires sparkle. IN sunlight. They don't burn. Oh great.

Bella from Twilight able to control herself when she was a newborn but Jasper couldn't? He won't stand for this mind-fuckery.

by Fairy-Peacock April 20, 2009
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