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1: A classic (and mind numbingly boring) novel.

2: A brilliant song released by Kate Bush.

But less commonly known as the cockney rhyming slang (a British but specifically London language originally created by prisoners as a way to talk without theyre messeges being interpreted by the prison officers or the filth/the old bill) used to describe tights/pantyhose

....allthough if you are living in a country that describes tights as pantyhose then this rhyming slang will not make sense due to the fact that it does not rhyme....rendering this entire description pointless...but who cares, I hate the bloody yanks anyway.
Corr blimey Pete, I ripped a bloomin' hole in me wuthering heights!
by That Emily Bird May 18, 2008
Also a very good song by Kate Bush. Reached number one in the charts for a month in 1978. Kate's screeching and wailing was what made the song so good and original =-)
Ooh! Let me have it! let me grab your soul away!
by CalmG April 09, 2004
the best love story in th history of love stories : ) its a couple who love each ohter so much they cant be together bc there love is too powerfull
You really got a wuthering heights on your hand with those two , huh?
by Crystal M April 02, 2004
A despicable piece of literature that your English teacher will claim is a true masterpeice. It is characterized by wordy boring writing and lack of plot development. Attempting to read this novel can cause temporary symptoms of attention deficit disorder.
Linton and Catherine are cousins, they get married, incest is not good!
by Gholam April 14, 2005
Dank weed...Also the title to Emily Bronte's 1847 classic Gothic novel.
"Yo this is some real wuthering heights shit, man...where'd you get it?
by Guillermo Mota April 22, 2006
One of many incoherant and very weird Kate Bush Songs. Based on the book.
Heathcliff! It's me, i'm Cathy come home..
I'm so co-o-o-old, let me in-a-your window
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 20, 2004
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