Time Wasting Information Gatherer

The type of person that enters a store with no wish to make a purchase just ask lots of questions and waste peoples time.
That customer is a T.W.I.G
by Remiel January 16, 2007
Thin or skinny legs without fat or shape
Check out the twigs on that chick. I can't believe they hold her up.
by DVF May 20, 2005
a small man with no romantic prospects beyond match.com
Did you see that little man at the bar, striking out with all the women? He better try match.com and use someone else's photo. What a Twig.
by spkelly1985 January 05, 2010
A person who tends to roam the streets of chadderton ( can also be found in middleton) a skinny person, with some 'G' affro hair
twig - skinny, fairly tall, big-ass affro
by ronalgingio September 16, 2009
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