A twig is the name for a cell phone. One can all another's twig, or send a text message, or 'nine,' to a fellow brother's twig, and even more, one can drop a voicemail or '86' on a brosef's twig.
John does not carry around his twig, so he never picks up my calls. What an amatuer
by J Wall May 03, 2007
A term used when describing an exceedingly attractive young woman, especially in circumstances where the word 'fit', for example, does not reach the heights of attractiveness that this particular young woman bears.
'Dat gash is bare twig'
by Manz June 14, 2007

A woman who is a stereotypical annoying chick who begs to get married loves desperate houswives and those annoying shows, eats cookie dough after a break-up that really was not bad at all and their shoes MUST match their bag, All problems are solved by shopping. Total drama queen and must make everything like it's the end of the world. Says "like" A LOT. Almost an adult ditz except she has a brain.
-Like oh my Gawwwwwdddd Jereamy and I are through. He like totally broke my heart

-You're the one who broke up with him!!! Why are you moping!!!

-Yeah but the pain still hurts...

-You're a twig
by That one crazy kid October 25, 2006
A tall goon-ish character with long arms and long legs who never fails to make his friends laugh. T*wig is a handsome, loathsome brute yet I can't take my eyes off of him!
I love you T-wig* I carry the name Mrs. Twig with great pride!
by Mrs. Twig January 22, 2005
1) v. the act of staying late at school on a semi-voluntary basis. usually results in anorexia, or obesity

2) n. a complete piece of shit
"yo holla, last night i twigged until 3am, i hate my life."
by Twig Bitch January 10, 2005
another name for schwag
I had to smoke that whole bag of twig before I was high.
by SupraX January 25, 2005
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