To comprehend, understand, get hip to, grok.
The news media are finally twigging to the fact that...
by Mark Dixon July 28, 2003
A term used to describe a thin cigar rolled with marijuana

See Branch.
Jimmy: "Thats the fattest twig I've ever seen"

Jake: "That's not funny"
by Jestin Sane (Ima rapper) November 18, 2003
True Worship In God, a praise band situated in texas
Dude, TWIG is playing at all-out in august!
by method July 26, 2004
a penis

usually refers to a small penis

often used as twig and two berries
Did you see his twig?
by yo May 13, 2004
see twiglet
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
1. A cut and rolled blunt, or blunt wrap that is filled with marijuana.

2. A small piece of a branch on a tree or on the ground.
1. How bout you spark that twig now.

2. Go get that twig for the fire.
by weed-smoka July 30, 2007
An anorexic jackass with a thyroid problem.
That twig doesn't eat anything.
by supercubedude October 22, 2004

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