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Tweeting at work.
Don't let the boss catch you twerking, you know we're not suppose to use twitter on the clock.
by MelStar December 04, 2013
The pain and spasms associated when you tweek your back out while jerking off.
I was about to cum but my back started twerking.
by diggdugg4 November 05, 2013
A sad excuse for a dance. Performed by shaking your ass up and down. Commonly used by girls who work at strip clubs.
Random Slut: ooooh! Look at me twerking!
Me: I can see your future taking place at hooters.
by Thefutureisdoomed February 03, 2014
What white girls call "dancing"
White Guy 1: This white girl got the party turnt up when she started twerking and then this guy put her on the table and got to work.

White Guy 2: Whatttt!!! I wish I seen that man, damn!

Black Guy: You call that dancing *actually starts breakdancing*
by oblivious619 December 26, 2013
The action of popping your booty. Not often done well or accepted when done by white people. Originated in Jamaica as a culture for women, along with dancehall.
Lets go twerk! Girl you are so good at twerking!
by MarinaTheExpert December 17, 2013
They girl over there spider twerking is soooooo classy.
by mydaddysaginger November 23, 2013
A sport that exercises your legs while your butt jirates up,down,side to side, and for the boss ass bitches in a circle. Warning do NOT twerk if you have no butt. It is not cute and you look like a one is those dogs trying to chase a tail that he does not have. If done correctly it will have the male sex organ erect, and may even lead to a little bit of :* (if ya know What I mean)
Last night my girl was twerking on me, you better believe when she was done we had some GOOD sex
by throwinitback November 13, 2013