An unambiguous invitation for anal sex.
Joanie: Wow! Look at Amanda and Joe twerking! I hope they can put off the actual anal sex until after the dance.

Fred: Yeah, I hope they can put off the actual anal sex until after their twerking! Maybe, I'll get them a room and we can make it a three-way.
by The Fly On The Wall August 30, 2013
whatever the hell Miley Cyrus' does.
"You guys see Miley Cyrus last night?!"

"Yeah she was twerking her ass off on live tv."
by kaylfos August 30, 2013
The action of a gurl ( or biatch ) teasing someone, to a torcherous level
dam! that gurl was twerking me all night!
by xoxstefxox June 01, 2006
is putting in enormous amounts of work in a swagger like manner. Normally in relation to sex, sports, or video games. Really anything that's G you can twerk at.
Man i was twerking last night in bed.

Man i was twerking that round had a k/d of 14

Man i was twerking i boomed out like 7 times that game
by JuliusFromThePark December 20, 2010
Also known as dirty dancing. When a woman slams her bottom on a mans pelvic area while dancing. The man can also lunge his pelvic area forward for a harder bang. This usually performed in a dance club along with upbeat music.
Damn, her ass was twerkin' on my junk, I hope she didn't feel my shlong.

I saw you twerking with that girl. That ass was bouncing all over you.
by Grindisha's Lover December 14, 2011
The Act Of Vigorously Stroking Ones Penis In And Out Of A Womans Vagina At A Deep And Rapid Pace Without Remorse
Bill - Hey Man How Was That Chick Last Night ?
Tom - Yo Man That Pussy Was Nice i Was Twerking it.
by The Namez Bankz September 09, 2009
Doing meth and working at the same time.
Billy-bob did a fat line and now is goin' to work 3rd shift at Kum n' Go. He's twerking!
by chadww July 11, 2016
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