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Something Miley Cyrus is incapable of.
Something Beyoncé is highly capable of.
Whoa look at her in the corner twerking like Miley.
Nahh man she's deffo twerking like Beyoncé.
Oh yeah coz she's actually doing it.
by Josepideman May 31, 2014
3 13
Twerking is the lower movement of the hips mainly involving the butt moving in up and downward motion
Dangg boy did you see that girl twerking last night at the party
by Soccerlife199 May 26, 2014
2 14
Twerking is the mating display of the female Africanus Americanus. When the female of the species goes into estrus, which is nearly continuous except for 1 week out of a lunar month, she "twerks" to signal her availability to males in the area and to display her sexual fitness.

In the display, the female arches her back and raises her buttocks into the air and gyrates the pelvis using quick, jerking motions, causing the tissue in the buttocks to jiggle and bounce in such a way that it moves separately from the pelvis itself.

The male of the species, upon seeing such a display, is compelled to approach the female, offering his genital region for the female to grind and jerk her buttocks against.

The display culminates when the female and a male go to a less public area to mate, such as a bathroom stall or the backseat of the male's 1989 Chevy Impala. The encounter is often brief, the male losing interest almost immediately after ejaculation. But the female, if her level of excitement is high, will often invite other nearby males join in and mate with her.

Her ability to handle males can be quite high. In the wild, females have been observed mating with groups of 20 males at the same time.

If successful, the female will give birth in 9 months, raising the child as a single parent in habitats known colloquially as "the projects". The child will stay with the female until he or she reaches adolescence, at which point it will begin to produce offspring of his or her own.
Tyrone: Yo, did you see LaQuiffa twerking that big ole booty of hers at da club last night?
Kershawn: Hells yeah I did. I got me some a dat sweet pootytang of hers in the backseat of Leroy's Impala, too.
by Digglersonn November 11, 2013
98 117
A sacred, traditional practice originating from the Amhara tribe. The act of twerking occurs when one's legs move in such a way that causes the buttocks to resonate, connecting the participant with cosmic energy. It can be used as an act of communication and also can allow the user to communicate with the dead.
Shaquanda Goodson was having a rough day, so she decided that twerking in praise of her late grandmother in order to receive her guidance would be ideal.
by Twerk Thunder July 27, 2013
211 235
Basically twerking is a really slut bitch's excuse to shake their butts in front of people...all the fags and whores.
•Miley Cyrus booty assflaps
by Americanbeauty9 October 14, 2013
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A sad excuse for a dance. Performed by shaking your ass up and down. Commonly used by girls who work at strip clubs.
Random Slut: ooooh! Look at me twerking!
Me: I can see your future taking place at hooters.
by Thefutureisdoomed February 03, 2014
5 35
A more subtle way for women to say "Hey, you can treat me like I'm a piece of meat!" Basically a way to show that you have such no respect for themselves that the only way you can get it is by your butt in the air.
You know what I mean. There's no need for a example. Twerking is stupid.
by MisaMuno January 22, 2014
16 47