The piece of skin between the pussy and asshole of a woman. "Tweener cunt and her asshole"
I was hitting my old lady last night and ended up stubbing my johnson on her TWEENER. Now I have turf dick
by stinky71 September 05, 2009
When a male has a half way boner. It's not quite hard, but it's not soft anymore.
Sherry was wanting to have a good night with her husband, but he couldn't get any farther than a tweener.
by Arch1234 October 08, 2009
same as the "taint" but funnier 'cause not everybody uses it and some people don't know wtf it is.

The skin between the genitals and the chocolate starfish.
On a mountain or BMX bike:

I was nose heavy on that last hit and my seat hit me right in tweener!

Man, I love it when your girlfriend licks my tweener.
by radicalrick November 06, 2009
The flap of skin between a man's anus and his ballsack,
It is called a Tweener because it is "tween the balls and tween the anus."
Dude, I was sitting in study hall today and my tweener started to itch.
by Apolloxe October 30, 2009
A very weak fart that you don't know if it was a qweef or a fart.
"Wow, that was weak, was that a tweener?"
by Cynicalsteve101 March 01, 2009
a 15 dollar sack of marijuana. not a dime or a dub but a tweener
KID 1. you trying to smoke?
KID 2. yeah i got 7.50 on it
KID 1. Hell yes lets cop a tweener

KID 1. aye yo you serving? how much you need fam?
KID 1.ehh... lemme get that tweener
DEALER.iight nigga hold tight im coming thru in a big way
by COLT MCCOY February 20, 2008
someone who was born between 1960 and 1970, one who is not Baby Boomer or Gen X, and identifies with pop culture nostalgia from the 60s, 70s, and 80s
The 60s were turbulent time of change, but as a Tweener, I only seem to remember the good things like The Beatles and the Moon Landing.
by Snowfoxx September 14, 2010
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