Socks that reach mid-calf. They are neither low socks by one's ankle or high socks by one's knee, they are simply in between.
Tonight I wore my tweeners for the basketball game.
by KTZ10 August 24, 2009
Often shortened to "tween". Definition is very similar to a goober. One who follows their own path and does things the "other" way. Is a comparable description to someone being weird but not quite as harsh.
You have velcro sneakers? You are such a tweener.
by Tweenmachine April 23, 2011
In an episodic series (comic book, tv show, etc.), an episode in which nothing significant happens, but that is necessary to bridge the gap between the episodes that come before and after it.
I was all excited that the newest issue of my favorite comic hit the stands today, but it was a total tweener. What a drag.
by Rifflesby July 16, 2009
An acquaintance you sleep with in between serious relationships. The tweener has no long term potential.
Are you still seeing Chris?
No girl, he was just a tweener.
by jackiedax March 22, 2011
Tweener: Wrestling term that is bullshit. It is a term used for a face(good guy) who acts like a heel(bad guy) and is still cheered. Effectively the wrestler is still a face although not a traditional one.
In the 90's Diesel was a tweener, even though he still got cheers.
by CaLiDiGs February 28, 2011
The circular sphinxter muscles beween a left and right booty cheek.
Dude1- "Jim had to get a colonospocpy!"

Dude2- "Is that where they have to know..."

Dude1- "In the tweener?"

Dude2- "yeah."

Dude2- "yep."
by jsanctuary13 January 09, 2011
A kid at the age in between a child and a teenager, and who is probably in love with at least one crappy pop star, whose poster he/she kisses before going to bed every night.

Alternate definition: A tiny wiener.
That tweener wants to lick Justin Bieber's tweener.
by Retardactile July 20, 2010
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