When a long married man receives unexpected sexual favors from his wife between two dates when he might expect such favors.
A man with a January 15th birthday goes without on his birthday and then looks forward to Valentines Day. If he unexpectedly receives a blowjob on Feb. 1, he has just had a "tweener"
by Todd A. Wilson February 07, 2008
a tweener is a lesbian that does not look like a male but both feminine and masculine...
a tomboy style with makeup.
by jo March 13, 2004
A white guy that thinks he is(or wishes to be) a nigger. He will wear a hoodie and get down to Jay-Z and bounce while he walks.

Mature tweeners will probably have large 4x4's with blacked out windows
Random person: Hows it goin Honky?
Tweener: Fuck you, I is black, Jay-Z rulz
Random person: prick
by Dr_Pepper February 27, 2008
A quality of marijuana between shwag and nug...
I spent all my money on crack so I could only afford to buy tweeners this week...FUCK!
by Jack Crack September 21, 2005
In professional wrestling, a tweener is somebody that is neither a babyface nor a heel . Basically, if someone's a tweener, they're nuetral.
"At the time, Chavo Guerrero Jr. was playing a tweener character."
by Sezril February 02, 2004
(n.) A bisexual person.
I know he's married to a woman but he spends an awful lot of time traveling to see 'friends in San Francisco.' Do you think he's a tweener?
by Perspective July 05, 2003
Basically a dick. The word utilizes the image and word combined creating a dually powered insult.

T (looks like a cock) weener (a cock)
Ben- Wow! what a Tweener! go and die!
random n00b- kthnxbai
by Ha0 November 08, 2007

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