a hyperactive, annoying little kid
you are a tweaker
by Jared Blash September 22, 2008
A text message, or SMS
"Where's Hayden? Is he running late?"
"I don't know, I'll send him a tweaker and find out where he is."
by Religioo January 15, 2010
tweak=freak out, jumpy, on edge.
Shell tweaked when Mike scared her.
by ATXmoneymike January 26, 2005
A druggie, a not sane person, an idiot, a person who punishes another person unfairly
Student: *FART*
Teacher: Go to the office
Student: Thats not fair, you're a tweaker!

Tommy: Hey, Joe, look at John today, he's like high or something!

Joe: Man, he must be a tweaker!


Crazy guy: Look at the flying donuts!
Insane asylum guard: My god, he is crazy!
Insane asylum guard 2: Man, he's a tweaker!

by Nerfer9 April 27, 2009
a person who has lost life. they say it can kill you the first time you try it...if it doesn't you will wish it had.
The most prettiest girl in school got caught up in tweak...she isnt so pretty now and she is really mean with big gashes in her face from picking at it and no eye brows cuz she must have got really bored and tweaked by herself...poor girl she will never be the same
by I dont care how they do it February 24, 2005
A small, long and narrow screwdriver, usually plastic, commonly used for adjustments to sensitive electronic components (coils, potentiometers etc)
"Hey Lou, pass me the tweaker, I need to make an adjustment here"
by anon-e-mouse April 11, 2005
A person that lives in a trailer park or some sort of really shit housing that is always high on some sort of drugs. the way notice them is the really grungy, high look
Dude wtf is up with all these damn tweakers here?!?
by cereal killas May 11, 2006

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