An uncircumsized penis.
"No baby, I'm not sporting a turtle neck, I'm Catholic."
#foreskin #cheesemaker #turtleneck #rumpleforskin #sheath
by mud909 May 31, 2009
Top Definition
Your dick when it's covered by the foreskin.
My turtle head came out when I got horny.
by Kurt91 June 09, 2004
A type of sweater with a long neck, preferably worn with a thin chain and light beer in hand.
Turtleneck and Chain and a light ass beer. -The Lonely Island
#sweater #chain #turtleneck #light #beer
by Mattwood646 May 11, 2011
when you pull the foreskin down below the head of the penis
before i could blow him, i gave him a turtle neck.
by pappapittmudman February 03, 2004
A word used to describe an uncircumsized penis.
"Somebody's wearing a turtleneck."
#uncircumsized #uncut #unsliced #foreskin #canadian-bacon
by Rachaelmalice April 10, 2010
An Uncut Dick
Ashley: Chris forgot to wash his turtleneck
by jonfizzle November 13, 2003
the foreskin(euphemistic)
Be gentle with your turtleneck.
#4skin #turtle-neck #turtle neck #sexual slang #uncut
by The Return of Light Joker August 16, 2008
To deliberately and surreptitiously cause defect to a prophylactic with the aspiration to impregnate or be impregnated as a result of ulterior motives.
Freg: Hey Sturbs, did you hear Hobbie knocked up Waura?
Hason: No way! What are they going to do?
Freg: Well, I think her family has crazy money.
Hason: That turtlenecking sonofabitch!
#impregnate #knock-up #snip #hole-poke #turtlenecking
by Greggo Antony Bater March 04, 2010
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