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4 definitions by simo1981

Some lazy bastard who always misteriously appears after the hard work has been finished, much like a blister
Mat came over to help move the bulk stack after finishing guitar hero for the 4th time today
Wat a filthy ranga blister
by simo1981 April 20, 2008
When you dumped the girl/guy you are not officially in a relationship with, just fucking
Sarah: so are you going over tammys house tonight?

Grant: Nah i de-shagged that hoe, found a better bitch to plough
by simo1981 April 28, 2011
When yo bustin 4 a shit so bad that the log is popping in and out of ur anus, often leaving brown dabs on your underwear
I knew i shoulda had a shit before going to the movies i was turtlenecking for 2 hours and couldnt concentrate!
by simo1981 April 19, 2008
An uncircumcized dick
Brad: bro your mama loves my skivvy, coz ur dad has a helmet
Mat: yeh but she said the dick cheese trapped in there was nasty
by simo1981 April 18, 2008