a giant turd your butthole can no longer contain
Suck this turtlehead out my buuuutthole!!
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
another name for anuncircumcised penis
My turtle head comes out only when not provoked
by samwise May 28, 2003
Apparently, the person defining this has never seen an actual turtle's head. The proper term for this phenomenon (a turd that is starting to peek out) is a turtle TAIL. Much better description, eh?
Dude, can you pull over at that gas station? I've got a turtle tail.
by mig May 07, 2005
To get head while taking a shit in the toilet
Dude she gave me turtlehead in the movies bathroom
by Loganation March 10, 2010
The unfortunate occurrence of needing to shit so bad that you feel your shit is poking out, not unlike the head of a turtle protruding from its shell.
Oh no, I haven't pooped in two days and I've got a serious turtlehead
by Youbeenhazed January 23, 2016

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