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n. Excellent cooker and eater of nachos; amateur zombie film maker; lover of hessian bands.
"That munoz just bought a Rammstein CD!"
by samwise March 09, 2004
When someone is dead sexy you say this
Dominic Monaghan is sexy, owow!
by Samwise May 07, 2003
Scotish male who has a fantasy about another man's genital parts.
Aye, he Chamfers Jenks
by Samwise May 23, 2003
A late 19th century Victorian game which used a traditional three legged milking stool. The stool would be turned upside down and the three contestants would have to see whom could sit on the upturned stool the best, the winner being the person who managed the most anal penetration. In the early years of this game the 'world' champion was a Scottish man called Chamfer, hence the title of the game.
He can do a 12 inch Chamfer
by Samwise May 25, 2003
In Fusball, the Five Man is the middle set, consisting of five men. Can also refer to one's masturbatory appendage
I score with my "Five Man" on a regular basis.
by Samwise May 14, 2003
Having lost one's testicles.
That dude totally got beaninated by his dog!
by Samwise March 04, 2004
A strange manifestation of oral love juice that tends to bubble slowly from the corner of the mouth.
He was talking a load of Chamfer.
by Samwise May 23, 2003

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