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Ture is used in certain parts of Telemark, Norway. Especially in the western parts the word means to "party" or "party on". In the beginning the word was used for times when you would party for days, like at a festival. Later it has been used instead of the word "feste" which also means to party.
"No skø me faen meg ture på!" (we''re going to fucking party on)
"Skø du ture te hægi ell?" (are you going to party this weekend)
"Det blei hard turing i hægi, eg æ heilt øylagt" (hardcore party last weekend, I got all fucked up)
by maxpower1994 November 13, 2011
Something that is so WTF that you don't believe it; but it is true.
Michael: hey, you know its cold out when a sleep walker freezes to death
Jordan: no way, I don't believe it.
Michael: I know its ture.
Jordan: If it is true was it Aubrey because he's a bitch
by aCPYCDn January 15, 2009
An overload of biscuits.
Porkins: I just ate 300 Bourbons

Garfunkel: No wonder your looking a bit Ture :(
by ADMIRAL BJ March 23, 2010
Blindingly bright (in a metaphorical sense)
"She's just ture, and even if it hurts me I can't look away."
by Russ-chan August 30, 2012
A cooler, much swaggier way to say true.

Its not a rumor, its ture!
by GratataSwagBish May 26, 2014
To ture(verb) - To use the internet
The English language currently has no verb with this meaning, and such a verb becomes more necessary as each day passes.
To pronounce this word, say tyoor as in ‘picture’ or ‘architecture’.
We couldn't ture at home this morning because the wireless was down, so we tured at the coffeehouse instead.
by verbophile April 02, 2013
Stammer fra engelsk ("tripping"). Å ture er å ha en midlertidig alternativ virkelighetsoppfatning i form av for eksempel å oppleve hallisunasjoner eller andre effekter knyttet til bruk av psykedeliske rusmidler.
"Jeg elsker å ture. I går turet jeg så hardt at tid og rom smeltet helt bort."
by enginor December 17, 2014

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