Adj., having attributes similar to those of a turd.
Do you see that turdy girl?
by Rackergen January 26, 2006
Top Definition
Tardy because of the immediate need to drop a turd; especially in the context of high school.
The f-cking teacher tried to give me an F for being tardy, but I told her that was bullsh-t. I explained that I was turdy, not tardy.
by pornhorn55 January 09, 2010
Name of Filburt's bird in the hit Nickelodeon TV show, "Rocko's Modern Life"
Rocko: Um... yes... uh... Turdy was a, um, bird.
Filbert: Oh, that's so beautiful!
by Mike Legora May 15, 2008
1. the ultimate undependable; not one to trust.

2. an embarrasing spectacle.

3. a real turd.
Adam Roberts is Turdy.
by pepin February 17, 2005
Adj., having attributes similar to those of a turd.

Q: What the fuck is that man is wearing?
A: One turdy jacket.
by Francois Turd September 21, 2007
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