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an unusually long and hard cock, similar to a horse cock
I ripped that bitch a new one with my throbbin' dobbin. I don't know what was bigger, her eyes when she saw it or her hole after I reamed it.
by pornhorn55 January 09, 2010
Tardy because of the immediate need to drop a turd; especially in the context of high school.
The f-cking teacher tried to give me an F for being tardy, but I told her that was bullsh-t. I explained that I was turdy, not tardy.
by pornhorn55 January 09, 2010
put a condom on and have at it. a play on words from the CSI procedure whereby anything that may contain DNA is put in a bag and labeled. In this case, the bag containing the eventual DNA (jiz) is the condom, and tagging it means to have a go at the pussy.
Inebriated guy tells the wild party gal that "he would sure like to get some of that", nodding to her crotch.
She responds: "bag it and tag it", as she first nods to his cock and then to her snatch.
by pornhorn55 January 17, 2010
the large cock (big as a rhino horn) of a porn film star
In the second scene of the XXX-rated movie, the skank was definitely choking on a pornhorn.
by pornhorn55 January 13, 2010
a tampon that is pushed inside a vagina. usually caused by both parties being overexcited and juiced at the start of intercourse that the hard-on easily 'tamped in' the tampon without being noticed.
I met a wild chick and we hit it off right away. By the time we got to a couch we were ready to explode. I was banging away and only later noticed the blister on my cock from rubbing against the ripcord all night. Guess I gave her a tampin. Hope she got it out the next morning.
by pornhorn55 January 15, 2010
A homosexual man who bleeds from the rectum once a month; generally believed to be a psychosomatic effect on only the gayest of the gays.
Yo bitch, is it that time of the month? F-cking manstruation again. I don't mind poop dick, but the bloody poop is such a clash of colors.
by pornhorn55 January 09, 2010
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