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A turkey prepared in such a way as to resemble a delicious donut. For example, glazed with chocolate, sprinkled with sprinkles, and stuffed with donut holes. Not to be confused with turducken.
"No no, I said I am making turdunken - so bring your insulin, this will be one sweet turkey!"
by unwholesomefoodie November 19, 2011
a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with a cornish game hen
my dad made turdunken for thanksgiving.
by the fuck fairy December 15, 2006
I recently had an conversation with a d-bag from Buffalo NY, and below is the actual conversation that transpired at 2 am in a Double Tree hotel bar while on a business trip -

A common misconception is that "turdunken" is a turkey stuffed in a duck stuffed in a chicken...some (drunken billski from Buffalo) may also say that it is a turkey stuffed in duck stuffed in a chicken stuffed in a goat stuffed in a pig...then you smoke it for two hours....However I corrected the billski from Buffalo by telling him what a turdunken really was -

"NO NO NO you've got it all wrong. Its actually called a "turbaby" a baby stuffed in a turtle... the recipe calls for one part turtle and one part baby. For best taste a baby between 3 and 7 months is required, because before 3 months the skull is too soft (milky consistancy) and after 7 months the skull burns too easily. Then you deep fry it for two days...and make sure you have at least 2 to 3 quart of propane"

the guy looked at me like i was a complete psycho...then i told his wife (45 year old lady w/giant funbags) that she had great tits and I was in room 313. Went back to my room (313) beat off to a $30 porn and cried myself to sleep

All in all it was a great night
do you know what a turdunken really is??? it's a baby stuffed in a turtle

Turdunken...really...i'm in've got "great tits"
by Billy Billski May 30, 2008
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