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the informal name given to newborn babies often of colored descent who are birthed into a toilet, often by mistake.
the 15 year old girl thought she had to poo, but it was only a turdler.
by cheweysmoker February 28, 2007
87 4
A nickname; Someone who is overly annoying and refuses to change. Someone who is an annoyance or a pain to deal with. Often used in sibling rivalry and friendly banter. See Turdle, Turdlet
You're such a Turdler, quit butting in all the time.
by Slinkyboy January 09, 2005
9 34
turd + burglar
U talkin' smack about my boy?! Ok, I see you.. I got my side eye on, you wait! U are a turdler
by z100fan November 17, 2010
1 27