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(n) A small piece of fecal matter
someone left a turdlet in the toilet
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
Not to be mistaken with Trinklet, a turdlet is a wee bit larger than a trinklet. Usually seen as the "Lone Floater" in the commoded ocean. Also, usually this piece of fecal matter is more susceptable to being flushed on the initial dump cycle.
"Hey man, Don't let the turdlet get caught in your cheeks!"
by CrazyBob62 April 26, 2006
Small brown turd remnants left on the sides of the bowl or on the underside of the seat after explosive diarrhea. Turdlets often need repeated flushing in order to dislodge. When left in place too long, turdlets adhere to porcelain like concrete.
" Who had the balls to drop a deuce here and leave me a batch of turdlets?"
by Anonymous March 28, 2003
A tiny turd. Usually prompting disappointment.
I thought I'd lay some cable, but that turd was more of a turdlet.
by Winweasel March 28, 2015
a small piece of crap that is hot out after explosive diarrea
o look at that turdlet that poop must have been painful
by acmoney February 28, 2005
These paragraphs are turdlets:
"Molly ran after the laser.

Molly became tired after two minutes of chasing."
by jimbo@bob March 31, 2008
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