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the informal name given to newborn babies often of colored descent who are birthed into a toilet, often by mistake.
the 15 year old girl thought she had to poo, but it was only a turdler.
by cheweysmoker February 28, 2007
A person who wears his/her bluetooth all the time, even when it is unneccesary. Making him/her look like a real tool.
Jarhead and I saw some bluetool at the city park yesterday sitting on the grass with his bluetooth headset on.
by Cheweysmoker August 06, 2008
the hand gesture associated with actual jacking off; like air guitar only air jacking off
jake and i simultaniously air jacked all over levi's face and gave him an air facial.
by cheweysmoker August 09, 2008
the result of an air jack that is released upon the recipients face, can also be applied to a meal the recipient is eating or directly to the upper lip of the recipient.
brent was talking to this really hot babe when i came up behind him and after dry humping him for a few moments jake and i both gave him air facials after air jacking on him.
by cheweysmoker November 09, 2008
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