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A person working in the sewage field. Responsible for keeping the sewage (turds) in the pipes, not on the ground.
Tom is the best turd herder I know.
by Rick April 27, 2004
46 6
A man responsible for manipulating multiple pieces of turd into one designated area. Although typically in the port-o-potty field, this expert is not limited to just one zone of poo. A turd herder is a modest man, but a confident man. He can find your shit, extract it to a safe place and you will never even know he was there. Your shit is his bread and butter
Timmy the Turd Herder quit his old job at Safeway because he was tired of taking everyone else's shit.
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
15 2
Someone who drives a septic cleaning truck or who cleans porta-johns
The turd herder is coming to clean my septic tank
by awafcaw November 18, 2006
18 6
Slang name for a gay male.
"That fag is a turd herder of deep holes!
by mow_er_racer April 16, 2009
8 12