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Chief means of support.
Selling cheap drugs to ignorant rich people is the bread and butter of local drug dealers.
by TheSeoulKing December 07, 2005
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(n.) One's trade, proffession or other means of earning.
a little bird told me that sucking cock is your bread and butter
by Kung-fu Jesus July 27, 2004
1. Verb--The act of violently and repeatedly slapping someone in a backhand, then forehand, then backhand fashion (the hand "buttering" the face/"bread"); can also be used to refer to someone being owned. Pseudonyms include B&B, Country Crock on Texas Toast, Land O' Lakes on Wonderbread, etc.
I saw these girls catfighting, and one of them jumped on the other and straight bread and buttered her!

America] just buttered Al Qaeda's bread!
by Danchawk May 03, 2011
Use of an overtly larger tool for a task than is necessary.
Steve brea'd and buttered that envelope with a katana.
by okguy November 24, 2010
In full is known as 'bread and butter pud' which is cockney rhyming slang for good
"Our holiday to Margate was totally bread and butter!"
by kezuke May 30, 2007
Used for saying that two people go togther. Like in a relationship, if u lot r gud 2 gether or get along.
Also means you lot are alike, get along ect.
nas: "we been 2 gether 4 long u no"
damien " yep wifey cos we like bread n butter".
by Nasa February 21, 2005
A type of pickles. Sweet, but not quite as sweet as sweet pickles, and sold in little slices to go perfectly on a platter when entertaining.
"What kind of pickles should I get?"

"Bread and butter."
by YourMom July 28, 2004

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