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A man responsible for manipulating multiple pieces of turd into one designated area. Although typically in the port-o-potty field, this expert is not limited to just one zone of poo. A turd herder is a modest man, but a confident man. He can find your shit, extract it to a safe place and you will never even know he was there. Your shit is his bread and butter
Timmy the Turd Herder quit his old job at Safeway because he was tired of taking everyone else's shit.
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
Jicky Jack is the process of turning a simple task in to multiple steps. When something becomes jammed and stuck, then you must use your Jicky Jacking skills to massage said task in to it's proper dwelling. To be a thorough Jicky Jacker you must posess a BIG HEART. It takes talent, patience, and above all, a rough hangover
When Bob found that there was no height to install the panel, he started revving the forklift engine and doing dangerous stuff to make sure that he could Jicky Jack that panel in to place.
by BBlanc March 06, 2009
When something that happens to slow down you're action. Similar to cock blocking, except that it pertains to everything, not just pussy. A speed bumper is your friend, but he likes to watch you have a hard time with what you do
My boy was speed bumping our good time by getting too drunk to drive and making us call a cab.
by BBlanc March 15, 2009
The same exact thing as Tea Bagging. The difference is that you can not remove your balls from that chicks mouth until the flavor has fully set in. This process takes a minimum of two minutes. If you remove that scrotum any sooner, then you have not steeped.
That chick didn't shut up all night. Only silence I had is when I started steeping. Got a full 5 minutes!
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
It East Coast slang for the Shocker. It is the romantic act of inserting two fingers in the Vag, and then slyly sneaking the pinky into the ass to create that romantic moment you have been missing. To perform this procedure properly, your ring finger should be comfortably rested against the taint.
After we lit the candles, had dinner and listened to some Kenny G, I enhanced the evening by introducing her to my old friend McGuinty
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
A man who stands ankle deep in brutal concrete while charging you astronomical amounts of money for his services. You will spot him easily at your local pub by what appears to be dried birdshit on his shirt. Fear not, it is not bird shit, it is the fruits of his labor. When your specialist leaves, his only guarantee is that concrete gets hard and it will crack.
My Mud Maggot buddy Walter poured only three floors today and made five grand.
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
The derevitive of Meat Ball and Douche Bag. In simple terms, it's everything that you don't want to be. Can be brought in to simplified terms... I.E. Shmeat.
That fucking Douche Meat scared every single girl away with those nasty farts last night.
by BBlanc March 05, 2009

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