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1.used in place of calling someone a retard.
2. descrpitive of someone who must wear a helmet for their own protection.
nice fucking job turbo.
by walkingblind November 13, 2005
Adj. - A girl who works fast, a slut.
She's turbo, it only took 30 minutes before I was doing her rawdog.
by vTdpKa May 24, 2005
1. someone slow and retarded
2. someone synonymous with success, highclass, fast paced life
1. i see that turbo kid with his mom in mcdonalds every day, im serious
2. id like to be that turbo's groupie someday
by someone March 18, 2004
A person who when smokes dope, always gets the most done.
Man look over ther at that turbo burnin out on the couch.
by turbo October 29, 2003
A bong made from half a plastic bottle attached to a plasic bag. Another name for a lung.
Jesus man, Steve did a turbo before his GCSE english exam and still managed to pass.
by Nicolak May 28, 2007
As an adjective turbo most closely means top-notch or sweet.

Can be used for emphasizing any adjective or noun to make it more turbo.
Noun : Man that chick is turbo.

Emphasizing a noun : I can't believe you go out with him, he's such a turboass.

Emphasizing an adjective : That new movie is turbocool.
by giznot January 29, 2004
Someone who is awesome, and is known for going fast. Whatever way that might be ;)
When the girls see Zack, they say "Hey there turbo!"
by Some Amazing Person May 14, 2007