word used best to emphasize a word much in the same way 'whopper' or sometimes 'very'. commonly used in tallaght, dublin.
steve: is that lad mad out of it?
frank: nah, hes turbo minty fresh mad out of it!

dave: sorry boys cant talk right now, im ridin' me turbo bird!
by d_berry February 10, 2010
after dat sonny's bbq and u feelin like u gunna blow after you just had a rack of ribs. now you is on that gassey ass explosive diarrhea
Damn Anna you on that turbo status.
by johnny log December 03, 2010
A man or woman who sports the requisite mullet, tight acid washed jeans, hi top sneakers with fat tongues hanging out, a Warrant shirt (or paraphernalia of some such other dirty hair metal band). The turbo loves cars, but due to dire financial straits, can usually not afford a nice one, sometimes opting for a bicycle of equally low caliber.
Larry is such a turbo. I saw him riding home from the beer store with a case of Coors Light on his handlebars. His mullet was flying in the wind and his jeans were so tight I thought he was gonna pass out!
by Jenabee October 18, 2010
Turbo can be used in any form; Hes turbo mad; Turbo annoying; Turbo lame; or just plain Turbo. In some cases people use it in their name when someone has stole their name like TurboKaydul cause kaydul was taken expressing that hes the original. Stating an excess in a state of being
Turbo Mad, Turbo Lame, Turbo Dumb
by Turbomadkid September 10, 2011
Small unintelligent creature known for frequent use of the line "No U" and other similar examples of stupid internet lingo used by small, unintelligent children. Also may be used to refer to children whom have a obsession with being "Ghetto" and "Gangster".
Jimmy is such a fucking Turbo, trying to be "Ghetto" all the time. Especially since he acts like a twatwaffle all the time and uses "no u" like his signature catchphrase.
by Turbo Pepsi April 25, 2011
Its the fastest speed a guy can go during sex except for the ones that have a small penis.
Turbo comes after very fast.

I went turbo on Ashley Tisdale and she orgasmed and squirted everywhere.
by Veryhairyguy August 08, 2010
Somebody who is getting a little bit carried away.
If some guy tries to take your pants off after you've only been making out for thirty seconds, you say "EASE UP, TURBO!!!"
by tantypig June 12, 2004
adj: when something is past ultra, past mega, past extreme, and past massive.
Garret is turbo fat.
That food is Turbo nasty.
She is a Turbo whore.
by Drelove September 15, 2005
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