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When i girl doesnt wear underwear
Shes free flaping, while todd there is free balling.
by READAAR March 07, 2006
The device, a.k.a. underwear, that retains the cock
At the club my cock retainer prevented a full boner.
by READAAR March 07, 2006
a fast attack usually scaring your opponite with your unit; can be used as a ping-pong tactic or in bed
I used an intimidating quicky to win the game!
by READAAR March 07, 2006
A FUCKING SLUT THAT YOU GET IN BED IN LESS THEN A NIGHT AFTER MEETING, they are ussually drunk or just a pure slut

This is the offical defination
This chick in H-town was a fucking turbo, we shagged and i still didn't catch her name.
by READAAR March 07, 2006

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